D5.7 Report on the design of on-board charger systems for electric vehicles
HiPERFORM NEWS 2021/10/22
Events   2021/10/22  

Executive Summary
Within HiPERFORM project, work package 5, Task 5.2.2 was defined to demonstrate a detailed design of on-/off-board charger for electric vehicles. This Deliverable (D5.7) summarizes the detailed specifications, design and prototyping of an on-board charging system based on GaN technology. The motivation of this specific use case is to further reduce overall power loss, improve system integration, safety, durability and performance. Thus, the design optimization of a 22kW (2X11kW modular design) unidirectional on-board charger has been done for more compact system and high-power density. The main objectives can be summarized as the following:
• Design of advanced switching and charging topology (modular design) of unidirectional OBC 2X11kW (1ph, 2ph and 3ph);
• Design and optimize the control system for OBC;
• Design, optimization, and prototyping of a smart unidirectional on-board charging system (GaN based) to achieve the following targets:
o Specific power ≥ 1.3 kW/kg and power density ≥ 1.4 kW/L;
o High efficiency ≥ 96% with high switching frequency ≥ 200kHz with the OBC stages and high-frequency isolation transformer.
• Ensure safe operation in accordance with the current standards and charger interfaces.

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