HiPERFORM present at TRA conference
HiPERFORM NEWS 2022/11/10
Events   2022/11/10  

One year after the completion of the project, HiPERFORM was invited to the TRA conference from 14-17 November, 2022 in Lisbon 2022. There the project leader Christoph Abart will show the final video and give a presentation of the results of the project. 

A half year after the project end, the follow-up project HiEFFICIENT has started. Based on the findings in the HiPERFORM project, the partners have set ambitious targets to be reached.
HiEFFICIENT aims for a resource-efficient and decarbonized transportation system, supported by the use of highly reliable and integrated wide-bandgap (WBG) technologies in electronic power circuits and systems of electrified vehicles, testing systems, and charging infrastructures.

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