D6.6 Final Dissemination Plan
HiPERFORM NEWS 2021/10/22
Public Deliverables   2021/10/22  

Executive Summary
This is the final Dissemination report of the project HiPERFORM. It reports the dissemination activities done throughout the project lifetime. This includes online activities (web page, social media), non-scientific and scientific event participation (trades, conferences), and scientific publications.
At the start of HiPERFORM, the initial dissemination strategy and plan was elaborated (D6.2) and agreed with other consortium partners. This strategy and plan were continually monitored, updated and periodically reported during the course of the project.
In this sense, it is a living strategy that evolves over the course of the project, learning from the HiPERFORM dissemination experiences and adapting to its changing needs. The final dissemination report presents the results of all dissemination activities during the lifecycle of the project and also shows the plan of the next dissemination activities planned by partners after the project end.

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