HiPERFORM 2nd General Assembly meeting in Bratislava
HiPERFORM NEWS 2019/04/29
Events   2019/04/29  

The General Assembly Meeting M12 of the project HiPERFORM took place on the 29th and  30th April and was hosted by Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava. It was attended by 50 participants representing 31 partners. 



The entire first day and half of the second were devoted to the monitoring of the active WPs progress, reviewing the planned next steps and interactions among partners aiming to the timely execution of the activities related to use-cases. The second day ended with a summary on the main highlights of the meeting and the further steps to be done in the next months. Next steps for each use-case can be summarized as follows:

• UC1: The test system design is finalized based on mechanical and thermal simulations
and the development of the suitable control algorithms is started.

• UC2: Test bench finalized— baseline 200V & 650V GaN-on-Si wafers are being evaluated with the on-wafer test-bench.

• UC3: Development of 800V inverters with SiC power modules is ongoing.

• UC4: The Electrical/Electronic integration and the CAD packaging study in the proto vehicle is ongoing.

• UC5: Developing a first design of robust control algorithm & strategy, thermal modelling, and cooling system.

• UC6: Improved concept of bidirectional charging system by higher switching frequency of WBG switches.