Webinar #2: Double-side cooled Modules as future Technology in automotive Traction Inverter
HiPERFORM NEWS 2021/03/15
Webinars   2021/03/15

Date: Wednesday, May 12th, 2021 | 4 - 5 p.m.      Watch Video       

Double-side cooled Modules as future Technology in Automotive Traction Inverter

In order to utilize the full capabilities of SiC MOSFETs in automotive inverters, various aspects must be considered. Understanding WBG semiconductor materials, efficiency, smaller packages and high-power density, EMC challenges, lowest unit price and integrability are some of these aspects. All these points are highly competing with each other. This webinar shows a SiC traction inverter with double-side cooled (DSC) modules, that optimizes these seemingly incompatible points in a structured manner. An innovative solution uses DSC modules as an enabler to raise the compatibility of the above factors to a balanced optimum, resulting in a future-proof and market-driven DC/AC converter for the automotive market.



Peter Weiss received his Master of Engineering at OTH Regensburg. He has been working for AVL Software and Functions Regensburg GmbH since 2014.

Omar Vanegas is working at Infineon Technologies as System Design Engineer.


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