Webinar #4: Power & Dynamic Performance Measurement for Fast Switching Power Electronics
HiPERFORM NEWS 2021/03/15
Webinars   2021/03/15

Date: Tuesday, May 25th, 2021 | 4 - 5 p.m.        Watch Video


Power & Dynamic Performance Measurement for Fast Switching Power Electronics

Modern drivetrain components enable a highly dynamic driving behavior. This requires testing with a stable period detection and a superior choice of the update rate. Also, higher switching frequencies require analysis of the harmonics of a variety of signals, especially in post-processing with recorded raw data. This presentation gives insights to the AVL X-ion testing solutions for e-Power measurement and analysis for these special testing tasks.

The AVL E-STORAGE products are more than just DC supplies. They also serve as powerful, dynamic actuators. Combined with AVL X-ion for measurement, data recording and post processing, it is possible to measure the dynamic performance in time and frequency domain. Possible applications are DC/DC and DC/AC converters as well as DC energy storage systems and entire DC power systems. This webinar gives an insight, how this technology is used for developing new test systems within AVL.


Thomas Platzer, MSc, MA is Product Manager for the portfolio e-Power Measurement & Analysis at AVL List GmbH. He joined AVL in 2019. He has more than 7 years of professional experience in Product and Innovation Management positions and experience in the design of high-frequency radar circuits and microcontroller circuit boards. 

Dr. Oliver König is Department Manager at AVL List GmbH and is responsible for control systems R&D. He joined AVL in 2013. He has 12 years of experience in the design and control of power electronic test systems with a focus on model-based predictive control and embedded real-time controllers.


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