Webinars 2021/05/25
Webinar #4: Power & Dynamic Performance Measurement for Fast Switching Power Electronics
Modern e-drivetrain components demand powerful and highly dynamic test systems. This webinar introdu ...
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Newsletters 2021/05/21
Y3 Newsletter
The Y3 issue of the HiPERFORM newsletter
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Webinars 2021/05/18
Webinar #3: Advanced WBG Semiconductors in on- and off-board Chargers
The continuous development of semiconductor switches based on GaN and SiC technology is gaining infl ...
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Webinars 2021/05/12
Webinar #2: Double-side cooled Modules as future Technology in automotive Traction Inverter
In order to utilize the full capabilities of SiC MOSFETs in automotive inverters, various aspects mu ...
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Webinars 2021/05/04
Webinar #1: Innovative Substrates for GaN Power Electronics: Poly-AlN and Sputtered AlN films on Si
Within HiPERFORM, two approaches for innovative substrates for gallium nitride (GaN) power electroni ...
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Events 2021/04/08
Telematics Unit - video
The latest video about the integration of the Telematics Unit with the Tecnalia's testbench (UC4). ...
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Events 2021/03/21
D5.7 Report on the design of on-board charger systems for electric vehicles
Official document of public deliverable
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Public Deliverables 2021/03/21
D5.5 The Potential of Chargers With a Higher Switching Frequency Capability ...
Official document of public deliverable
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