Public Deliverables 2021/03/01
D3.1 Design optimization of switching topologies
Official document of public deliverable D3.1 Design optimization of switching topologies
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Events 2020/11/25
HiPERFORM partners presented the project in a virtual booth during the EFECS 2020.
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Events 2020/06/18
New LinkedIn page
Our new LinkedIn page is online
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Newsletters 2020/05/01
Y2 Newsletter
New issue of HiPERFORM newsletter presents the results obtained during the second year and the ongoi ...
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Events 2019/11/22
HiPERFORM booth at EFECS 2019
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Production 2019/11/22
PowerDale - HL CMS
HL CMS - High Level Charge Management System
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Events 2019/10/16
3rd General Assembly Meeting in Oudenaarde
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Newsletters 2019/05/07
Y1 Newsletter
We are delighted to announce our Y1 newsletter.
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